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How I find my questions and follow my passions

World map.png
Red stars = museum collections I have contributed specimens or information
Yellow stars = places I have conducted fielwork

Museum Collections

Museums are the keepers of Earth history information. I have had the honor to contributed information to museums around the world. After all, I had my start at a museum in Arizona (Arizona Museum of Natural History). I have contributed through adding new specimens collected from the field, adding new specimens by preparing specimens that remained in plaster jackets, prepared specimens that were nearly clean but had details obstructed, updating taxonomic or locality information, and have added CT or surfaced scanned to add to the digital collection. 


Fieldwork has been at the center of my research program; it is the best way to generate new data even at places that have been examined for over 100 years. I have let my questions help choose where to conduct fieldwork and my questions have taken me all over the world and in many places throughout North America. I will continue fieldwork to collect data on the Triassic Period (animals, temporal,  and paleonenvironmental data), other parts of the Mesozoic Era, any other time period my questions take me, and extant vertebrates. 

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