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Those who share my passion

Graduate students
Helen Burch

PhD Student

Office: 3051 Derring

Research topics:

-Ecological modeling

-Body size reconstruction

-Trophic levels of


Website: Coming soon

Isaac Pugh

PhD Student

Office: 3051 Derring

Research topics:




-Relationships of reptiles


Website: Coming soon

Adam Fitch

Master's Student

Office: Currently at the Smithsonian

Research topics:

-Phylogeney of crown reptiles

-Locomotor evolution of forelimb 

-Flight aquisition in vertebrates


Website: Coming soon

IMG_9401 (1).jpeg
Emily Keeble

PhD Student

Office: 3043A Derring

Research topics:

-Vertebrate anatomy and evolution

-Functional morphology of extinct vertebrates

-Faunal change throughout the Triassic


Website: Coming soon

Postdoctoral Researchers
Davide Foffa

Office: 5051 Derring

Research topics:

-Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction
-Paleoecology of terrestrial and marine assemblages
-Mesozoic vertebrate anatomy, systematics, functional morphology and evolution


Prospective graduate students
Perspective students

I am looking for Master's and PhD students that are passionate about using Earth's record to 1) better understand life through time, particularly through important climatic events in the Mesozoic, 2) understanding the relationships of reptiles and how those relationships help us understand the biology of living reptiles, and 3) how to better connect paleontology to a greater understanding of science through interacting with local, national, and international communities. All members of research group must respect, value, and celebrate the various attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make each person unique.

If you are interested in joining the research groups, please do not hesitate to email me. When contacting me, please provide information on: 

      1) Whether you are interested in a Master's or PhD

      2) What you would like to study (I am looking for broad questions, not specific groups)

      3) A CV if you have one.

Undergraduate students
Christy image.jpg
prep lab 2.JPG
Mason McCabe
Christina Nelson
Elizabeth Evans
Emily Patellos
Travis Oishi
Christopher Hayes
Former members
IMG_3843 (1).jpg
Caitlin Colleary
PhD. Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Candice Stefanic
MS, now a PhD student at Stony Brook
Mario Bronzati.JPG
Mario Bronzati 
Visiting post doc, Brazil
Kiersten Formoso 
currently a PhD student at USC
Devin Hoffman 
PhD, currently a visiting lecturer at U Penn
Emily Lessner
Undergraduate, PhD from Univ of Missouri
Hunter Edwards
Undergraduate, now a graduate student at Univ of Georgia
Christopher Griffin
PhD, now a postdoc at Yale
Gabriel Mestriner
Visiting MS student (2019), Brazil
Brenen Wynd
PhD, currently a postdoc at Southeastern Louisana University 
Alexander Bradley 
Undergraduate, now a graduate student at Univ of West Virginia
IMG_20180516_113059 copy.jpg
Alexander Beyl
Post-Bacc, now a PhD student at Stony Brook
Dana Korneisel
MS, now a PhD student at Carleton University
Coming Soon
Axel Hegron
Visiting BS student (2020), France
Raphaël Tournier
Visiting MS student, France
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